What about salmonella and other bacteria?

Salmonella and other bacteria such as E. coli are especially dangerous for you but not for your dog. Since dog stomach is about four times more acidic than human stomach, it is not viable for these bacteria. In addition, E. coli and salmonella can also be found in kibble food.


Are bones dangerous for my dog?

Raw bones are not dangerous, they are tender and cartilaginous, they do not create splinters and so your dog can chew them without risk. The bones that we mix in our raw meat recipes are first shredded and then crushed making our meat perfectly safe four your companion.


Can I defrost food in the microwave?

No! Defrosting in the microwave will cook the meat. If you need to defrost a portion quickly, place it in an ziplock bag and submerge it in cold water for about 15 minutes.


How does the transition from dry food to raw meat work?

There are many schools of thought and beliefs about the transition from dry food  to raw meat.


The first and most common method is to fast an adult dog for 24 hours or a puppy for 12 hours and then move directly to 100% raw meat. This is an abrupt transition, but it is suitable for the majority of dogs and puppies with good digestion.


The second method is more progressive. According to recent studies, it reaches a higher success rate than the abrupt method. It consists of mixing, for a period of about 4 days, dry food with raw meat. The first day, the meal should consist of 75% dry food for 25% raw meat. For example, this could be equivalent to ¾ cup of dry food for ¼ cup of raw meat. For the second day and the following days, please add 25% raw meat while reducing the dry food by 25%.


- 1st day: ¾ cup of dry food for ¼ cup of raw meat.

On a higher scale: 3 cups of dry food for 1 cup of raw meat.


- 2nd day: ½ cup of dry food for ½ cup of raw meat.

On a larger scale: 2 cups of dry food for 2 cups of raw meat.


- 3rd day: ¼ cup of dry food for ¾ cup of raw meat.

On a larger scale: 1 cup of dry food for 3 cups of raw meat.


- 4th day: 1 cup of raw meat.

On a higher scale: 4 cups of raw meat.


Please note that each dog is unique! Some dogs may respond well to the abrupt method while others will achieve optimal results with the adoption of the progressive method. Finally, know that it is possible to feed your dog with both types of food at the same time. Some owners choose to mix both type of food on the long term and get good results.




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