Our raw meat formulas are prepared using only the best ingredients,

100% natural and specially selected to give your animal a maximum of benefits.


By choosing our formulas, all composed of fresh and nutritious ingredients containing neither preservatives nor dyes or artificial flavors, you give your pet the most complete and advanced food possible.

The 7 benefits of raw food

for your pet :


On his hair :

Our raw meat formulas provide all the essential nutrients your pet needs for a strong, healthy coat. Reduced hair loss and a softer, silkier and shinier coat are some of the many things you'll notice once you started feeding your pet with our high-protein formulas.


On his allergies and intolerances :

Food allergies and intolerances will be much easier to identify and manage. Many of our clients have noticed a decrease in their dog's allergy symptoms, some even having completely disappeared as a result of switching to the raw meat diet. If you already know the allergies or intolerances that plague your pet, at Alpha Dog Distribution, we will be able to compose a custom formula, free of these allergens, to the delight of your carnivorous friend.


On his digestion :

Digestion will be done in 4 to 5 hours with a diet based on raw food, much faster than with a diet based on cooked or processed foods that takes around 12 hours. Our raw food formulas will be fully assimilated by your pet's body, you will see the amount of stool decreased, it will be less fragrant, have a firmer consistency and, therefore, will be easier to collect.


On his weight :

Weight control is easier with raw food. Alpha Dog Distribution's formulas contain only raw meat and quality ingredients suitable for human consumption.  Since it's naturally easier to control weight when we eat natural and healthy foods, Alpha Dog's formulas ensure optimal nutrition for your pet.


On his teeth and gums :

Better gums and teeth health, healthier oral hygiene, and less tartar are other benefits of eating raw food. For daily tooth cleaning, we offer a variety of raw bones that will act as a toothbrush for your pet.


On his body and muscles :

An increase in muscle mass, a better body definition, healthier joints and an easier mobility are some other benefits observed by the vast majority of our clients. Your pet will have a more athletic look while seeing his weight on the scale increase. We can find this same in nature, in carnivorous wild animals that often have a well-sculpted and muscular body.


On his life :

A better and longer life is an obvious benefit of a diet based on raw food, the most natural and healthy food for your pet. Its health and immune system will be optimized and your veterinarian fees will be lower. It has long been shown that people with a healthy and balanced diet are healthier and live longer than those who eat poorly; it's the same for your pet.

How does the transition from dry food to raw meat work?

There are many schools of thought and beliefs about the transition from dry food  to raw meat.


The first and most common method is to fast an adult dog for 24 hours or a puppy for 12 hours and then move directly to 100% raw meat. This is an abrupt transition, but it is suitable for the majority of dogs and puppies with good digestion.


The second method is more progressive. According to recent studies, it reaches a higher success rate than the abrupt method. It consists of mixing, for a period of about 4 days, dry food with raw meat. The first day, the meal should consist of 75% dry food for 25% raw meat. For example, this could be equivalent to ¾ cup of dry food for ¼ cup of raw meat. For the second day and the following days, please add 25% raw meat while reducing the dry food by 25%.


- 1st day: ¾ cup of dry food for ¼ cup of raw meat.

On a higher scale: 3 cups of dry food for 1 cup of raw meat.


- 2nd day: ½ cup of dry food for ½ cup of raw meat.

On a larger scale: 2 cups of dry food for 2 cups of raw meat.


- 3rd day: ¼ cup of dry food for ¾ cup of raw meat.

On a larger scale: 1 cup of dry food for 3 cups of raw meat.


- 4th day: 1 cup of raw meat.

On a higher scale: 4 cups of raw meat.


Please note that each dog is unique! Some dogs may respond well to the abrupt method while others will achieve optimal results with the adoption of the progressive method. Finally, know that it is possible to feed your dog with both types of food at the same time. Some owners choose to mix both type of food on the long term and get good results.



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